Announcing: “Jupiter” – Chronicle’s New Accounting Integration

Chronicle's new accounting integration with QuickBooks

We live in a world where you can have access to the information that you need in an instant. Many times, you simply need certain bits of information immediately. When managing a business, it’s easy to feel this pressure when having to bill a customer or having to make payroll. Sometimes, the information that you need in Chronicle may still be in QuickBooks or vice versa. It sure would be great if you can transfer all of your financial data, interchangeably, between Chronicle and QuickBooks with a click of a button. Well, we’ve listened, and we are excited to tell you about ‘Jupiter’.

‘Jupiter’ is the code-name for the new update to Chronicle’s accounting integration with QuickBooks. It is currently being used in several businesses now and the list is growing. The new update provides customers with many essential benefits, some of which include:


  • The ability to push customers or run a complete bridge, within Chronicle, at your will
  • Increased reliability in automated data transfer
  • 5x faster data transfer times
  • The ability to add more integration points between Chronicle and QuickBooks


Our development team has reported that customers testing the update have been pushing jobs within Chronicle to QuickBooks within seconds! Also, bridges that on average could take up to 30 minutes to complete, now only take 3 minutes. Yeah, it’s that fast.

This new update will also allow development to explore new frontiers with additional features that will be added as the year progresses. Some of the upcoming features of ‘Jupiter’ will be:


  • Pushing labor hours into QuickBooks
  • Syncing employee pay rates in QuickBooks to the employee pay rates in Chronicle
  • Adding a transactions view from QuickBooks that includes credit memos and journal entries in the job costing screen in Chronicle


We know we’re excited about this. How about you? Let us know by dropping us a comment!


If you can’t wait to get your hands on this update or if you simply would like more information about ‘Jupiter’, please sign up below!


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