Your data has value to you…and to others

Understanding the value of data and its significance to your business is a challenging proposition. For most businesses, ownership of data is not a problem… until it is a problem.

“Is my data really mine?”

It’s unfortunate we’re forced to seriously ponder these questions, but you can’t assume software platforms give you data ownership rights. Being informed benefits you and your business and minimizes risk.

“Does the licensing agreement of my software provider give me exclusive ownership rights of my data?”

“If my business to business relationship changes, does my data follow me or can it go somewhere else?”

“Could my data inadvertently be exposed or shared with other businesses?”

You can’t afford to jeopardize your business. It’s critical that the solution provider’s licensing agreement give you clear answers to the above questions.

So who do you trust?

Trust Chronicle

Since our founding in 2000, our platform and licensing agreement ensures you ownership and privacy of your data.

  • Your data is yours, end of story.
  • With your permission, data can be shared with a third party.
  • You have your own private database with Chronicle — there’s no chance of your data accidentally showing up on your competitors screen because their data is in the same database as yours.

Bottom line, your data ownership and privacy matters to us. Your data really is your data with Chronicle.