Automated Equipment and Vehicle Tracking Exists!

Have you ever wished you could automatically track the exact location of your equipment and vehicles at all times? Or how about having knowledge of how long these resources have been at each job? That would be helpful, right? If you had this type of information, you could even verify the labor records that your employees logged at each job site. There are numerous benefits that could come along with the ability to automatically track your equipment and vehicles. However, as you may know, if your business isn’t positioned to properly manage your equipment, the door is wide open for your equipment to be lost and for your time and resources to be wasted.

Keeping track and making sense of your equipment is very time consuming. Chronicle recognizes this and we are glad to say that we have a solution. With project “cat herder” Chronicle stands alone as the only solution that now allows you to automatically track your equipment, vehicles, and employees, in real time. This means no more running around looking for your equipment, Chronicle will show you it’s exact location when you need to see it. We have partnered with trusted third party vendors to provide an integration that will accurately track all of your assets and automatically have that data reflected in your scheduling and job costing information. Let us show you how our solution could benefit you:

Easy Set Up With Logikos

We have partnered with Logikos, a third party equipment tracking solution, to fulfill your equipment tracking needs. Once the one-time set up is complete, the equipment information automatically displays in Chronicle. From there, you have ultimate oversight of your equipment.

Learn more about Logikos by clicking here.

Add and Edit Costs for you Equipment

See and assign costs to all of your equipment in one place. With the ability to add and edit costs for each piece of equipment, you will now see a truer picture of your job profitability.

No more running around looking for equipment

Chronicle makes your life easy by automatically giving you relevant information on every piece of equipment, wherever you need to see it. Instead of wasting time and money trying to find your equipment, you will already know who has it and exactly where it is.

Detailed information for your equipment

Reduce confusion by having a detailed view for every piece of equipment on all of your jobs. If it’s the cost of your equipment, the time it’s been on the job, delivery and pick up date, who it was delivered by, you can see everything you need to know in one place. You can then use this information to audit your labor records–ensuring that the labor your production workers logged is verified.

Use a map to get a visual

Having an up to date view of the exact location of your equipment on a map will allow you to be agile during emergencies. If you receive an emergency water loss job, you can look at the map, see what equipment is closest, and make the best decision for the job without wasting your resources. See live traffic trends and schedule accordingly. Know what events are upcoming for each job at a glance.

Automatic job costing of your equipment

Ever wanted an easy way to see exactly how much your equipment is costing you on each job? Automatically know the impact your equipment is having on your job profitability within each job file.

Feel free to ask us more about how we can get you started with live asset tracking. We are more than willing to help!

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