Chronicle vs. Other Claims Management Systems

Claims management is a requirement in insurance company programs. But Chronicle offers something substantially more than claims management software, even if that software includes some job management features. Chronicle is production and operations management software; it’s comprehensive, provides a level of protection for your business, and was born out of running a ServiceMaster franchise.

Systems to help manage your business do many of the same things. In comparing them, you must know what’s unique—what each has that you can’t get elsewhere.

This page highlights some of Chronicle’s strengths and abilities missing in some other systems.

Complete Data Ownership

  • You are the ONLY owner of your data. This gives your business real security. We never share your data with a third party without your permission.
  • Each customer’s data is in a single, secure database; there’s no chance of a competitor seeing your information.
  • Data you’ve worked hard to develop can never be given to a competing franchise. Your data is yours; it will never be used to help someone else succeed in your market.

Integrated Email and Fax

  • Emails & faxes are automatically linked to jobs or people.
  • See complete history of conversations and communication.
  • Make PDFs automatically when sending documents.

Collection Management

  • Unmatched collection efficiency: collections people have everything needed to have informed conversations with customers and adjusters.
  • Track your efforts, commitments by either party, and next steps. It’s easy to flag items for follow up and to record all notes in the permanent job file.
  • Easily transfer collection efforts from one employee to another.

Employee Bonus Management

  • Pay for performance is a great employee motivator. We calculate bonuses based on actual performance—profitability, timeliness, and customer feedback.
  • The rules behind the scenes are customizable and can accommodate any role, from a receptionist to a VP.

Document Management

  • Secure emailed document signing via RightSignature saves you time and hassle of tracking down people to sign checks and documents.
  • Word/Excel documents can automatically merge job names, addresses, phone numbers, etc., saving you time and potential errors.
  • Make templates out of forms and use them across any type of job.
  • Scan documents directly into job files.

Built In Timekeeping and Labor Management

  • Track employee time by job & activity, calculate daily wages, and automatically reflect labor expenses in job costing.
  • Track employee time for vacation, sick leave, personal time off, etc.
  • Automatically generate payroll reporting from job scheduling.
  • Manage your labor costs by seeing current overtime and overtime patterns.
  • Let your employees add time from their desktop or mobile app.

Job Costing

  • Run a WIP report to see earned revenue and unearned sales.
  • Establish committed costs through POs and Subs.
  • Get operational job costing without needing direct QuickBooks access.


  • Customizable activities ensure relationships are maintained.
  • See your ROI for marketing activities by salesperson, agent/adjuster, or customer.