Chronicle announces Secure Digital Signature for document signing

Collecting authorized signatures has always been a painful and time-consuming process.

We’re excited to announce a better way!

We’ve partnered with RightSignature to provide Secure Digital Signatures (SDS) directly into Chronicle. SDS cuts out much of the time it takes to get a signature processed, and it will make a real difference for you as you begin to use it.

Chronicle’s SDS integration handles work authorizations, contracts, statements of satisfaction, notices of completion, even single and multi-party checks (local bank authorization is required). In short, anything that needs a signature can be submitted through our SDS process.

We decided on RightSignature because they have a key combination of advantages:

  • It’s quick and easy — Take your existing Excel or Word files, upload them and add signer’s names and emails, and click send.
  • It’s secure — it meets e-signature law requirements, and there’s a court-admissible audit log and signature certificate.
  • It’s mobile ready — you can receive a document to be signed and sign it from most mobile devices.
  • Its low cost — A RightSignature account costs only $14 per month, or $11/month if you pay for a year’s subscription ($132).

Here’s some more info directly from RightSignature’s website:

Today, RightSignature’s electronic signature technology provides both small businesses and the world’s leading corporations the most advanced solution for getting documents filled out and signed. It combines best practices in authentication, security, and reliability with exclusive technology to walk signers through filling out form fields and creating a biometric, handwritten signature in the browser. And RightSignature continues to innovate as mobile devices become powerful business tools, offering electronic signatures on the iPad and iPhone.

No downloads, installations, or special equipment are required. Your signers may sign your documents using any computer, any browser, and any email account.

Sending a document is as simple as uploading a PDF or Word file, entering signers’ names and emails, and clicking send. You can add text fields for signers to complete and set up reusable templates for your frequently-sent documents. RightSignature contacts signers via email, and exclusive navigation tools guide them through filling out and signing your documents with ease. Executed documents are emailed to all parties, and the completed PDF files are stored in your secure RightSignature archive for future reference.

Documents executed on RightSignature fulfill e-signature law requirements and contain a court-admissible audit log and Signature Certificate. With a multi-factor authentication portfolio and biometric signature data, RightSignature documents not only look more professional, they have stronger legal defensibility than traditional paper documents.

You can learn more about RightSignature on their website,